Investing In Your Business

Excellence in Training

Perceptics offers best-in-class training to our channel partners and service providers. Depending on which course you choose to attend, you can learn how to install, operate, maintain and perform preventative maintenance on all of our OCR instrumentation.

Our state of the art training facility includes a complete lane of instrumentation set up at all times to simulate every piece of equipment that is on an actual highway or border inspection lane. Training is “hands on” as students learn to setup, align and troubleshoot all our various types of OCR products and instrumentation. At Perceptics we pride ourselves in developing superior technologies as well as delivering unmatched customer service—training you for success is an integral part that.

Our training courses include:

LPR, USDOT Number Reader, or CCR Technical Training Courses

  • Level 1 – Operator Training
  • Level 2 – Maintenance Training
  • Level 3 – Installation Training

Sensor Options

  • Loops
  • Laser
  • Thru-Beam Sensors
  • Laser Height Sensor

Site Survey
Site Design
Driver Camera
Scene Camera