Site Survey and Design

Site Survey and Design
Understanding Your Needs

Site Survey and Design 

Site survey and design services from Perceptics ensure your equipment is optimally positioned and installed to guarantee the highest possible accuracy.

Every site is unique. Optimal performance requires the right operating environment, designed by Perceptics imaging experts and local field personnel working together to select the best possible installation location for each new image reader. While conducting site surveys, our engineers gather key information about the installation environment including:

  • Your traffic characteristics and traffic control measures
  • Locations that will not interfere with the operation of the facility
  • Warehouses where equipment can be received and stored to ensure security and accessibility prior to and during installation
  • Any physical obstructions within the footprint of the equipment that need to be moved or or that the design needs to work around (e.g., guardrails, bushes, signs, gates, sidewalks, etc.)
  • Location of each post, along with customer buy-in for post locations 
  • Current configuration of electrical and network infrastructures and available routing options

Once the site survey is complete, survey data is used to generate design drawings that can be incorporated into an architect’s drawings or used as construction shop drawings. The drawings provide civil and electrical details needed to implement the solution. They provide installation details for new equipment posts along with conduit and cabling information. These drawings can be used to ensure all site preparation tasks are aligned for optimal performance and completed.