Image Optimization Services

Image Optimization Services
Improve Your Current System

Optimizing your system’s performance

The performance of any license plate reader system relies heavily on the quality of the images and the accuracy of the OCR engine. When poor images are run through the OCR, no matter how powerful, error rates increase and accuracy rates decline. Any number of issues can contribute to inadequate image quality from uneven illumination across the lane to incorrect placement and angle of the cameras.

Whether you have purchased Perceptics equipment or not, we want to make sure you get the most out of your current LPR system. By utilizing the Perceptics OCR technology and our proactive ground truthing services, we can analyze your current system, make recommendations for improvement, and provide imaging experts to take corrective action. There are three versions of our image optimization services:

  • Camera Performance Audit
  • Camera Performance Audit & Correction
  • Engineering Assessment & Installation