Ground Truthing
Continuous Learning

Proactive Ground Truthing

School is always in for our OCR engine. Perceptics offers Ground Truthing Services for your operations to ensure our License Plate Reader technology continually gets smarter and you get more results you can trust.

Perceptics understands the mission critical need to manage operations with the highest intelligence at your fingertips. 

Perhaps the greatest strength of the Perceptics solution is its OCR "brain" and the rigorous training it undergoes to ensure the highest standards of accuracy. Perceptics provides proactive "ground truthing" services to customers in order to maintain the highest level of read rate accuracy throughout the life of their LPR system.

"Ground truthing” is a process in which humans sample and validate the OCR interpretation of images. This process teaches the system to recognize more subtle details and nuances over time. As a result, the system gets smarter—and you get more results  you can trust.  Proactive ground truthing services, performed on a scheduled basis, upgrade the OCR software and upload it to the equipment in the field. This process enhances your LPR system's ability to accurately read new license plate designs and formats, even after the equipment is installed. 

The Perceptics OCR engine trains day and night at more than 1,000 sites spanning both U.S. borders. It is not only exposed to the variety of plate types from nearby states, it also sees the entire spectrum of plates from virtually all states, Canada and Mexico.  No other system has the breadth of experience reading so many different plate types, with ongoing exposure to the latest plate changes across North America.