increase automation.
reduce manual reviews.

Enhance revenues by converting "no reads" into usable IDs.

The Unique Vehicle IDentification (UVID) module is a powerful new OCR-enhancement product from Perceptics that helps the toll industry rescue leaking revenues by extracting high-confidence vehicle identifications from those stubborn plate images that would otherwise register as "no-reads." While the OCR engine looks for human-readable numbers and letters, the UVID module sees each image as a visual map of the region of interest, similar to a fingerprint. This unique fingerprint, or "signature," provides a second means by which to identify a vehicle. And just as a forensic analyst or database can identify an individual from a partial fingerprint, the UVID can also identify a plate, even when portions of its signature are missing or obscured. Learn more about the UVID here.

Product Highlights:

  • Provides an additional means of identifying vehicles
  • Recognizes the same license plate at multiple tolling points, reducing the need for multiple manual reviews of the same vehicle
  • Perfect for trip building, making back office billing even easier 

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