Optical Character

Greater flexibility in license plate data processing.

Perceptics’ industry-leading OCR technology is now available in a cloud-based format, adding even more options for processing your license plate data. Some benefits of our OCR cloud-based service are:

Pay for Usage Only

Without an OCR server to install and manage, the cloud solution can help reduce your total cost of ownership. Use of the OCR can be scalable to match your throughput so you're only paying for the processed images.

Higher Confidence Results

LPRs typically process plate images through a single OCR engine and provide the license plate data with an associated confidence level. Using cloud-based services, you can run each license plate image through multiple OCR engines at once. The result is a higher confidence read from all available configurations.

Processing Images from Handheld and Mobile Devices

With our Cloud-based capability we are able to provide the same OCR engine processing power for images captured from mobile and hand-held devices in the field. This offers the convenience of querying back-end databases without performing data entry, and allows users to maintain situational awareness.

Instant Configuration Updates

The Perceptics OCR engine is always being updated to accommodate new license plate designs and layouts. With the cloud-based service, Perceptics engineers can instantly update OCR configurations leading to higher accuracy rates.


Product Highlights
  • Reduced operational costs and total cost of ownership
  • Auto scalable
  • Increases system availability