Image Processing

Real-time processing in you Perceptics imaging system.

Perceptics imaging systems such as license plate readers and USDOT number readers, include optical character recognition processing inside the same enclosure that houses the camera. This allows for real-time processing of up to 2,400 images per hour without additional hardware.

Perceptics' OCR software is tuned specifically for each site and is updated regularly to identify new plate designs. When minimum image quality standards are met, the OCR identifies the state, province or country of origin, along with the alphanumeric characters on POV plates with an accuracy of over 99.9%, day and night. It can also be configured to identify the plate type (i.e., bus, taxi, commercial, etc.)

Product Highlights
  • Real-time processing of up to 2,400 images per hour
  • No additional hardware needed 
  • Already embedded in all Perceptics LPR imaging systems