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Back Office OCR Server
Tolling and Scalable
processing capacity

Easily expanded, high availability.

The Perceptics Fault Tolerant Back Office OCR server system incorporates the latest image processing, OCR and state ID algorithms for maximum license plate recognition. The intelligence of the system resides in many OCR engines, each processing an image in parallel and from a different perspective. Confidence values are calculated per character and per plate so their combined results ensure an exceptionally high level of accuracy.

When paired with Perceptics LPRs, the OCR boasts an industry-leading yield rate, producing fewer exclusions. More plate reads and a higher level of accuracy result in fewer images being sent to manual review.

Product Highlights

  • Designed for fault tolerance
  • Uses adaptive segmentation to isolate plate number from its background
  • HTTP-based data interface
  • Load balancing front-end assures full scalability to match traffic volumes
  • Matches reads to hot lists and sends alerts to other systems
  • Redundant power supplies for high availability
Specifications (6 OCR Engine)

1U Load Balancing PC Controller Minimum Configuration

Windows Server® 2019 Standard

Redundant Power Supply


1 TB Raid 1 hard drive

2U Managed Network Switch Minimum Configuration

1U Network Switch with Eight 1GbE Network Ports

1U Redundant Power Supply

2U AVP Multi-Processor OCR Server (Qty 6)

i.MX53 1 GHz ARM Corex-A8; 32K L1 instr/data cache

Neon Coprocessor (SIMD)

1 GB DDR-3 800MHz Memory

16 GB eMMC 4.4 onboard

Physical Characteristics

19" rack mountable

Total Form Factor: 5U

Weight: ~70 lbs

Voltage: 400W 120VAC