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Experience the automation benefits of our system’s sophisticated OCR engine that continuously learns from its exposure to the widest variety of plates from across North America. 

The two things that set Perceptics equipment apart from other imaging systems is the quality of the images taken by our cameras, and the sophistication of the optical character recognition software. Perceptics' industry-leading OCR technology boasts some of the highest yield and accuracy rates in the industry. OCR add-on options such as the Unique Vehicle Identification Module (UVID) increases that accuracy even more. Our OCR algorithms are constantly updated to match performance needs and recognize new license plate designs and styles.

The intelligence of our system resides in not one but many “brains,” or “experts,” each processing the image from a different perspective. These experts, including neural net, determine confidence values per character and per plate, and their combined results ensure an exceptionally high level of accuracy. 

Perceptics' OCR software easily reads plates that other systems may not by recognizing stylized and foreign fonts, reading temporary and paper plates, and distinguishing plates versus other text on the vehicle. The OCR reports the plate number, type (bus, taxi, commercial, etc.), and state, province or country of origin. 

Perceptics has multiple options for processing images to meet your needs.

Embedded OCR Engine

  • Covers one lane of traffic
  • Processes up to 2,400 images per hour in real time
  • Already embedded in all Perceptics LPR imaging systems
  • Compatible with hot lists
  • Best if connectivity to network is limited

On-Premise OCR

  • Covers multiple lanes of traffic
  • High bandwidth and real-time processing
  • Camera agnostic
  • Compatible with hot lists
  • Best for on-ramp/off-ramp applications

Fault Tolerant Back Office OCR

  • Six OCR engines per server
  • Processes up to 8 million images per month
  • Camera agnostic
  • Redundant power supplies for high availability
  • Easily expanded

OCR in the Cloud

  • Auto-scalable
  • Modest latency
  • Camera agnostic
  • Automatic configuration updates
  • Advanced processing algorithms for higher accuracy
  • Best with high-bandwidth connection or if already processing in the cloud

Unique Vehicle Identification Module (UVID)