OpenRoad LPR

OpenRoad LPR
Tolling and Automated
revenue capture

License plate imaging perfect for the open road, now open for business.

The LPR-ETC plate reader is a highly versatile and intelligent platform that ensures your tolling operations capture discrete identification data from the largest possible percentage of vehicles traveling on your roads. Configured with white light or infrared illumination, this product can be fine-tuned to obtain plate data even when other systems can’t. Its fixed-mount design expedites installation, and its streamlined design eliminates common failure points, thus increasing MTBF to ensure maximum uptime and reliability. Each plate reader includes our savant-caliber OCR engine. With daily exposure to plates of all varieties from across North America, our OCR brain receives routine “training” to improve its accuracy and ability to correctly interpret challenging images that is unparalleled in the toll industry.


The imaging system trusted across the country is now optimized for the rigorous revenue collection and traffic flow demands of the tolling industry. The Perceptics performance guaranteed, ultra-accurate license plate reader helps maximize your market penetration and paves the way to national interoperability.

Ultra high-resolution imaging

Integrated, multi-expert OCR engine

100% Image Capture

Benefits + Features

Purpose-built, integrated product, engineered to optimize illumination and OCR engine, yielding highest possible accuracy

Reads all plate types and fonts on vehicles traveling up to 120 mph

No missed reads—locates passenger and commercial plate data across a large (10'-15') field of view

Captures license plate numbers, day and night and in all typical weather conditions

Convenient web interface for remote status and configuration


System Components

Ultra high resolution LPR plate reader includes:

High resolution 5MP imager (IMG750)

Advanced Video Processor (AVP)

Stroboscopic illuminator (IL5470) configurable for infrared, near-infrared, or white light

Universal input power supply

Single lens included. Select one: 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm

Quick disconnect, IP67 rated

Imaging Features

  • Ultra High Resolution 
  • Full-color white light imaging or monochrome imaging (wavelength dependent upon optical filter used) 
  • 5 MP capacity (2,576 horizontal pixels); 140 pixels per plate width (color); 140 pixels per plate width (monochrome)   
  • Field of view: 15’ horizontal, 8’ vertical (spans 12’ lane with 1.5’ overlap either side)   
  • Operating range: 12’ - 75’ (depends upon lens option selected)   
  • Full images (compressed and uncompressed); plate patch images also available    
  • Machine- and human-readable images cover entire vehicle below windows   
  • Powerful OCR engine recognizes: Plate number, plus state, province, country identification   
  • Standard and stylized/artistic fonts   
  • Permanent and temporary plates   
  • Image files and image watermark/data stamp configurable to your needs   
  • Optional temporary local data storage for power outages and loss of communication

Physical Characteristics

Imager Enclosure Dimensions: 8.4"W x 7"H x 12"D (213.4mm x 177.8mm x 304.8mm); Weight: 11.5 lbs (5.2 kg)

Illuminator Enclosure Dimensions: 10.3"W x 19.1"H x 19.1"D (261.6mm x 231.1 mm x 485.1 mm); Weight: 24.5 lbs (11.1 kg)


Input voltage:

120VAC, 150W (continuous)

Quick Disconnect, IP67 rated


Temperature: -40°F to +158°F (-40°C to +70°C)

Humidity: 10% to 90% (non-condensing)

Vibration tolerant for typical toll installation and weather conditions.


System options (not included):

  • Baffled stroboscopic illuminator, mounting kits, cables and junction boxes   
  • Requirements:  An external trigger (such as in-road loops, through beams or laser sensors)  
  • Sensor Options (NOT INCLUDED):  In-road loops, through-beams, or laser sensors