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When you need the maximum in security, you need the only License Plate Reader trusted by the U.S. government.

Chosen by the U.S. government to maximize security and expedite traffic flow, the LPR-HR High Resolution is the only License Plate Reader that reads state, province or country of origin ID and is backed with the industries' only 95+% guaranteed read rate. Wide field of views and the high level of accuracy make the LPR-HR the ultimate in vehicle identification intelligence, capable of reading all plate types day or night and in any kind of weather.

Benefits and Features

  • The only one that captures state, province or country of origin ID at 95+% accuracy in day, night and all weather conditions
  • Read all plate types, including retro-reflective and non-retro-reflective plates on vehicles traveling up to 120mph
  • No missed reads -- locate passenger and commercial plate data across a 15' field of view
  • Integrate with Perceptics' Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS), DriverCam and SceneCam
  • The only License Plate Reader system with guaranteed read rates

LPR-HR for Facility Access Control


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The only License Plate Reader system with a money-back guarantee, the LPR-HR boasts a wider field of view, superior image resolution and higher accuracy ratings. Industries deploying License Plate Recognition technology include:

  • Border Security: Perform optimal threat assessment at the borders, validating vehicles and drivers.
  • Commercial Vehicle Weigh Stations and Virtual Weigh Stations: Enforce commercial vehicle safety, increase throughput and collect more revenue.
  • Mission Critical Facility Access Control: Automate your gate security at military bases, federal facilities, energy and petro/chemical plants using plate data to check databases.
  • Ports and Container Tracking: Route and validate containers and track container assets.
  • E-Tolling: Collect more revenues from e-tolling violators.

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License Plate Readers at the U.S. and Canada border

Consider these Security Solutions
for your application:

License Plate Reader systems at weigh stations



Inductive loop triggers

Inductive loops can be used for vehicle detection to trigger the system. Includes loop detectors in a NEMA 4 rated enclosure and mounting hardware. Loop wire is not included.

Laser Triggers

Laser sensors can be used to trigger the system when a vehicle is detected. Lasers can also be used for vehicle discrimination. Includes laser, power supply, junction box and mounting hardware.  For post mounting.

Through Beam Sensors

Through beam sensors can be used for detection of low-speed POV traffic to trigger the system. Includes sensors, heated covers and mounting hardware.

Front and Rear Read Configurations

In states that require front and rear license plates, utilizing a front AND rear LPR configuration can help increase the accuracy of your LPR reads. Ask your Perceptics representative how.

DOT Number Reader Systems

The DOT-EX and the DOT-HS DOT Number Readers capture USDOT, MC, KYU and VIN numbers for pre-sorting and screening at weigh stations, virtual weigh stations or on the mainline.

Driver camera system

Perceptics' DriverCam captures an image of the driver even through tinted windows. Images can also be correlated with License Plate data and SceneCam images for robust security operations. 
Click for the DriverCam product card.

Scene camera system

Perceptics' SceneCam provides a clear overview image of the vehicle and surrounding area. Images can also be correlated with License Plate data and DriverCam images, putting the vehicle at the scene.
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Vehicle Inspection System (VIS) Software

VIS is a proprietary visual database, which integrates images and data captured by LPR, UVIS, SceneCam and DriverCam systems into a searchable database. Click to see VIS product details and specs.


When utilizing Perceptics' VIS interface, you need a workstation that provides you with the proper configuration for your application. Workstations can be a standard desktop, laptop, ruggedized laptop or include touchscreen capabilities.


Depending upon your application, a server may be necessary for storing large amounts of data. Perceptics offers many server options from standard towers to rack mounted (blade) type servers.

Portable base

For temporary installations, Perceptics offers a portable configuration for LPR mounting. This consists of a mounting post and base with integrated leveling jacks.

Junction Box

Configuration specific junction boxes are available to simplify connectivity between Perceptics' components and/or provide a network switch.

Stainless Steel

Perceptics understands that some environments are more harsh than others. For installations where equipment may be exposed to salt air, we can provide stainless steel junction boxes. (Note: Perceptics' imagers and illuminators are made from durable powder coated aluminum)

Gantry-Mounting brackets

Perfect for e-tolling or multi-lane configurations. Brackets hold LPR systems to a gantry system.

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