Summitt Invoice Quality Software

Summitt Invoice Quality
Optimize Your
Invoice Quality Assurance

Identify invoice errors quicker and more efficiently with Summitt Invoice Quality (IQ).

With our innovative Summitt IQ software solution, you can now review 100% of your outgoing invoices to catch invoice mistakes before they reach your customers' mailboxes, saving your team time and money. 

Summitt IQ reduces the need for manual invoice audits by integrating seamlessly with your existing quality assurance/quality control process to audit PDF-generated invoices automatically. Our intelligent software identifies errors by checking each field against authoritative data from your business system and any required business rules, and our Summitt LPR software validates the license plate image. Positive and negative results are then shared via a secure customer portal for revision and review. 

How It Works
  1. All newly generated PDF notices are sent to Summitt IQ for processing
  2. Invoice fields including the license plate or overview image are parsed from the invoice PDF
  3. Data is compared against your business' authoritative data and business rules, and the license plate image is validated by Summitt LPR
  4. Errors and discrepancies are flagged and results are shared via a secure and easy-to-use customer dashboard for final review

Why IQS?

Summitt IQ can help your team improve overall satisfaction and address common pain points associated with electronic toll collection (ETC). Here are just a few of the ways Summitt IQ can help your agency:

  • Enhances the customer experience by reducing the need for customer service inquiries regarding billing issues

  • Lowers customer service calls by ensuring recipient and charge accuracy on the first send

  • Improves operational efficiency by increasing the percentage of invoices checked during quality assurance to 100% without additional staff

  • Helps recover lost revenue by ensuring that bills make it into the right hands through data validation and highly accurate license plate reads

IQS Benefits

Implementing Summitt IQ at your agency has many benefits regardless of your current toll notice review process.


Saves time by reducing customer service calls and manual invoice reviewing.

Cuts unnecessary expenses by decreasing the number of incorrect invoices sent out.

Improves accuracy and efficiency by automatically auditing 100% of invoices generated.

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