Vehicle occupancy
imaging system

Detect vehicle occupants more reliably with advanced imaging systems.

The Vehicle Occupancy Imaging System (VOIS) leverages Perceptics' superior imaging capabilities to count occupants in a vehicle. The VOIS captures an image of the inside of the vehicle and reports on the number of people in the vehicle, resulting in highly accurate data for HOV enforcement. In addition to obtaining occupant counts, the quality of the image makes it possible to observe driver behavior such as cell phone and seatbelt use. The output can be customized to match your business rules and adhere to privacy laws.

Product Highlights

  • Easily integrates with current systems
  • Penetrates tinted windows
  • Produces color or black and white images
  • Software specific to driver camera systems embedded in the camera
To learn more about the VOIS, contact us at or 800.448.8544.