USDOT Number Reader
High-speed Mainline
Low-speed Weigh Stations

Get real-time automated intelligence to accelerate throughput, enforce compliance, and ensure safety.

The Perceptics USDOT Number Reader captures a high-contrast monochrome or color image of the USDOT, VIN and Motor Carrier numbers on commercial vehicles, day and night, with industry-leading accuracy. Perceptics USDOT Number Readers have processed millions of images of commercial vehicles from all U.S. and Mexican states and Canadian provinces. The system can stand alone or be easily integrated with all current WIM technology.

When paired with the Perceptics License Plate Reader or Hazmat Placard Reader software, officials have multiple vehicle datapoints with which to make quick and informed decisions. 

Product Highlights

  • Accuracy of 90% on over 80% of commercial vehicles
  • Reads USDOT, VIN and Motor Carrier numbers in multiple fonts, and in different locations and orientations on the vehicle
  • Reads numbers on vehicles traveling up to 75 mph
  • Mainline and ramp applications available
  • Standard and wide angle options maximize image capture based on site geometry and vehicle speed
  • Reads USDOT
  • Can be easily updated to read hazmat placards
To learn more about the USDOT Number Reader, contact us at or 800.448.8544.