Overview Camera
Complete Your
WIM Solution

Maximize your ability to assess the overall scene.

The Perceptics Overview Camera easily integrates with other high performance imaging systems to optimize the view and data collection beyond vehicle identification. The camera provides a high quality image of the entire vehicle using a 2MP camera. The camera automatically switches from color to high-contrast monochrome depending upon the level of lighting.

When paired with the Perceptics License Plate Reader, Driver Focus Camera, and USDOT Number and Hazmat Placard Readers, officials have multiple vehicle datapoints with which to make quick and informed decisions.

Product Highlights

  • Remote control zoom lens
  • Automatically switches from color to monochrome images in limited lighting conditions
  • Integrates easily with current WIM and security systems
  • Can be post or gantry mounted
To learn more about the Overview Camera, contact us at info@perceptics.com or 800.448.8544.