Hazmat Placard Reader
More Data.
Safer Travel.

Quickly and accurately report the presence of hazardous materials with Perceptics' trusted OCR technology. 

The Perceptics Hazmat Placard Reader reads up to six hazardous materials placards on commercial vehicles or shipping containers with the same industry-leading accuracy that has come to define Perceptics systems. Utilizing the USDOT Number Reader hardware, the processing of hazmat placards occurs in a seperate processor that can be housed in a junction box on the post or in a back office. A current Perceptics USDOT Number Reader can be easily upgraded to incorporate hazmat placard reading capabilities. If you do not currently have a Perceptics USDOT Number Reader, visit the Infrared Hazmat Placard Reader or Monochrome Hazmat Placard Reader for product specs.

When paired with the Perceptics License Plate Reader and Overview Camera, officials have multiple vehicle datapoints with which to make quick and informed decisions. 

If you are interested in a new Hazmat Placard Reader as opposed

Product Highlights

  • Software add-on to the Perceptics USDOT Number Reader so minimal additional hardware is needed
  • Provides an image of the placard and reports hazard class, division, and UN Number.