License Plate Readers are a valuable tool for locating wanted vehicles, managing access to cities and parking lots, and providing evidence in criminal cases. However, they only work if they're pointed at the right target.

Perceptics' new Covert LPR combines our decades of experience with a mobile trailer and signage platform to make it easier to capture license plate images when and where they're needed most. The trailer is extremely portable and can run on batteries or solar panels rendering an expensive, permanent footprint unnecessary. Officials have access to vehicle data with mobile, Wi-Fi or wired connectivity so watch-lists can be checked and vehicle information can be analyzed right away. 

Trailers may be outfitted with radar-speed or customizable-message display, making the embedded LPR camera and infrared lighting not obvious to passing vehicles

Perceptics has long been known for providing the most accurate LPR available, with nearly 40 years of unbeaten performance for U.S. Customs and Border Protection and US Border Patrol, thousands of LPR cameras deployed in the harshest environments, and hundreds of millions of license plates read accurately every year.

Product Highlights
  • Captures plate type, alphanumeric characters, and state, province or country of origin with 99.9+% accuracy day and night in all weather conditions
  • Engineered to withstand harsh border environments
  • Reads all plates at speeds up to 120mph
To learn more about the Covert LPR, contact us at or 800.448.8544.