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Color LPR
Superior Images
Greater Accuracy

Capture superior images with greater accuracy.

The versatile Perceptics Color License Plate Reader captures color images of the license plate on personal and commercial vehicles, day and night, using visible illumination. With an industry-leading yield rate, Perceptics LPRs produce fewer exclusions, more plate reads and a higher level of accuracy, resulting in more images being processed automatically. The system's flexible design ensures a seamless integration with current infrastructure. 

When paired with other Perceptics imaging systems, officials have multiple vehicle datapoints with which to make information decisions.

Product Highlights

  • Captures state, province, or country of origin, along with alphanumeric characters on plates at 99.9+% accuracy day and night and in typical weather conditions
  • Captures plates on vehicles across a 15' field of view and travelling up to 120mph
  • Multiple trigger, mounting and illumination options available
  • Can read multiple plates per image
  • Optical character recognition software embedded in camera
To learn more about the Color LPR, contact us at or 800.448.8544.