Container Code Reader
High Resolution
Key Data Capture

Automatically read container codes. 

Tracking ISO intermodal shipping containers requires not simply reading the container code, but making associations with other key data that tells you where the container is in your yard, what's in it, where it's going, and how it will get there. Container code readers from Perceptics automatically capture codes from our high resolution imagers, and convert that information via our multi-expert OCR into machine- and human-readable content. Perceptics offers both rear and side container code readers for optimal ISO code reading in the event there are damaged codes on the container. Pair the rear and side imagers together for maximum container data capture.

Product Highlights

  • Integrated OCR software embedded in the camera
  • Accurately captures the owner code, serial number and check digit in day, night and all weather conditions, anywhere on the container and in any orientation
  • Optionally identifies size, type, and country codes
  • Can process any combination of containers moving at speeds of up to 45 mph
  • Easily integrates with other security devices to provide a complete assessment of the vehicle in real time
To learn more about the Container Code Reader, contact us at or 800.448.8544.