DOT-HS: Mainline USDOT Number Reader System

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When You Need Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement on the Mainline.

If your commercial vehicle safety operations call for screening on the mainline, the DOT-HS is the only vehicle intelligence system that automatically captures vital USDOT, VIN, KYU and Motor Carrier numbers with 85% accuracy. The DOT-HS detects and images virtually every commercial vehicle traveling at highway speeds. Using this data, enforcement officers can check PRISM or SAFER databases for commercial motor carrier records. When you use the DOT-HS along with License Plate Recognition systems, states can check against multiple databases and screen larger populations of commercial vehicles on the mainline.

Benefits and Features

  • Captures USDOT, VIN, KYU and Motor Carrier numbers on commercial vehicles traveling up to 75 mph
  • Locates commercial vehicle data across a 15' wide field of view
  • Able to capture "hard to read" fonts such as scripted fonts or fonts with low contrasting
  • Scalable network architecture allows the system to be used as a "stand-alone" or integrated with other security systems
  • Integrates with the LPR-HR or other Perceptics vehicle intelligence systems
  • The only one with guaranteed read rates

Learn more about the DOT-EX for pre-sorting and screening on the weigh station ramp.


VIS screenshot of DOT capture

Vehicle Inspection System (VIS) software screen capture showing USDOT number read.


DOT-EX: DOT Number Reader System


Download information  DOT-HS product card

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Download information  USDOT Number Reader Poised to Enhance Commercial Vehicle Screening on the Mainline.

Download information  Oklahoma State DOT First to Adopt Mainline Imaging Systems for Increased Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement

Specs & Configurations

DOT Number Reader Specifications
System Contents:
  • Single DOT Code Integrated Imager Enclosure includes:
    • High resolution camera (4 MP)
    • eXtended Video Processor (XVP)
    • Universal Input Power Supply
  • Fast-fire stroboscopic Illuminator
  • Quick disconnect cables
  • Post mounting arms
  • Post, power junction box, external power and Ethernet cables NOT included
  • Sensor options NOT included
  • 120 to 240VAC, 150W (continuous), 1050W (at peak illuminator charging)
Physical Characteristics:
  • Imager:
    • 12.0"D x 8.4"W x 5.5"H
    • Weight 11.5 lbs (5.2 kg)
  • Strobe Illuminator:
    • 21.5"L x 11"W x 12"H
    • Weight 24.5 lbs (11.1 kg)
Operating Temperature:
  • -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
  • External triggers required; lane-side, post-mounted configuration
  • Sensor Options (NOT INCLUDED): in-road loops, through-beams, or laser sensors available


USDOT number data captured by the DOT-HS can be correlated with data captured from License Plate Readers in an effort to check Federal or State DOT databases for commercial vehicle safety violations and registration information. With the DOT-HS, you can:

  • Automate screenings and enforcement efforts on the mainline or at virtual weigh station operations
  • Track and inspect commercial vehicles entering or leaving border crossings
  • Route and validate commercial vehicles entering or leaving seaports or container ports or marshaling yards, correlating data captured by the Perceptics Container Code Reader systems

Download information  Click to download the DOT-HS product card

Camera capture of DOT number

Consider these Security Solutions for your
unique application:

DOT-EX for weigh stations



Inductive loop triggers

Uses two in-ground inductive loops to detect the front and rear of a vehicle passing through the configured inspection points. Requires 89-120VAC on one side of the lane to the loop controller housing. nearly 100% accuracy and impervious to weather conditions, loops are the most reliable triggering device available.

Laser Triggers

No road construction is required for lasers and their accuracy is nearly 100%. However, inclement weather can have a negative impact on their reliability to perform consistently.

License Plate Reader System

Perceptics' LPR-HR has a wide field of view and can capture license plate images and data from commercial vehicles. Images and data captured from license plates can be correlated with DOT number data. Click for LPR-HR product specifications.

Under Vehicle Inspection Systems

Inspect the undercarriage of vehicles as a single, seamless color image.
Click for the in-ground UVIS specs.

Driver camera system

Perceptics' DriverCam captures an image of the driver even through tinted windows. Images can also be correlated with License Plate data and SceneCam images for robust security operations. 
Click for DriverCam specifications.

Scene camera system

Perceptics' SceneCam provides a clear overview image of the vehicle and surrounding area. Images can also be correlated with License Plate data and DriverCam images, putting the vehicle at the scene.
Click for SceneCam specifications.

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