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Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
Reliable Automation.
Force Multiplier.

Only the most reliable automation can help your staff manage safety and compliance checks faster and easier.

With millions of commercial trucks on the road today, extending the capacity of your staff translates to faster turnaround on safety and compliance checks. Automation capabilities of Perceptics imaging systems act as a force multiplier, supplying you more data so you can speed up the passage of compliant vehicles while your staff focuses on remediation. And that keeps traffic—and the nation’s economy—rolling.

Perceptics systems can be deployed on the mainline or ramp, or at the weigh station. Our ConOps team will look at the site configuration, license plate distribution, speed of the vehicles, and other factors to develop a solution that works for you. With more data, officials can identify trends and make more informed decisions on individual vehicles and processes.

  • The License Plate Reader reads the state, province and/or country of origin along with the alphanumeric characters and plate type
  • The Driver Focus Camera captures a high-resolution image of the inside of the cab so officers can verify the driver and check for seatbelt or cell phone use
  • The USDOT Number Reader captures and reports the DOT, VIN, and Motor Carrier numbers in any font or format
  • The Hazmat Placard Reader reads up to six hazmat placards on commercial vehicles or containers, providing a black and white image of the placard and a report of the hazard class, division and UN number

The LPR, USDOT Number Reader and Hazmat Placard Reader come embedded with Perceptics' OCR software that utilizes artificial intelligence and 40+ years of training to capture identifying data from commercial vehicles. Our engineers understand the nuances of reading license plates, USDOT numbers and hazmat placards that are dirty or damaged and have discovered innovative ways to make sure you receive the most accurate data from the largest number of vehicles.