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Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
Reliable Automation.
Force Multiplier.

Only the most reliable automation can help your staff manage safety and compliance checks faster and easier.

With more than 3 million commercial trucks on the road today, extending the capacity of your staff translates to faster turnaround on safety and compliance checks. Automation capabilities of the Perceptics license plate and DOT readers act as a force multiplier to get things done even while your staff focuses on other critical tasks. And that keeps traffic—and the nation’s economy—rolling.

  • Near-real-time automated license plate and USDOT number reads
  • DOT, VIN, and Motor Carrier numbers captured simultaneously
  • Superior data quality; guaranteed accuracy, day and night
  • Reliable data capture on the ramp, mainline, or bypass, even at highway speeds
  • Enhanced plate ID discrimination via state, province, and country recognition
  • Proven WIM integration to expedite vehicle processing

Perceptics systems allow you to:

  • Speed passage of compliant vehicles and cargo
  • Sharpen your focus on noncompliance issues and ensuring remediation
  • Facilitate decision-making with more timely and complete data
  • Expedite violations processing and fines collection
  • Increase operating efficiency
  • Keep roads safe for all who use them
Market Applications


License Plate Reader: OCR Results from Image Data
Transaction ID F690581000376C03
State/Province OK
Plate Number 3762▒
Confidence Factor 99 
Timestamp 9/25/2014 11:23:43

Images captured and data fields provided are configurable to your needs. These tables represent a sample of some of the data points that our LPRs and USDOT Number Readers capture. Contact us to get more information.


USDOT Number Reader: OCR Results from Image Data
Transaction ID F690581000376C03
USDOT Number 006824▒
VIN 3LK255▒
MC (Motor Carrier) 3124▒
KYU* 1443▒
Timestamp 9/25/2014 11:23:44