Border Security

Border Security
Safeguarding nations.
Facilitating travel and trade.

Perceptics License Plate Readers, Container Code Readers, Scene and Driver Cameras provide border security officers and their agencies with capabilities which allow them to make timely and informed decisions to support their goals of safeguarding nations, protecting officers, and facilitating legitimate trade and travel in a 24-hour, 365-day, mission-critical operation. Border security agencies and the officers recognize the benefits of our products, such as:

  • The ability to quickly evaluate historical vehicle information and intelligence from a variety of databases on vehicles attempting to gain access or depart the country
  • Reducing time related to data-entry/key strokes by border security officers, so they can spend their time focusing on the vehicle's occupants and contents
  • Improving efficiencies in the overall inspection process
  • Increasing vehicle throughput by efficient use of proven LPR and CCR technology
  • Decreasing wait times at land border crossings lanes

With emerging threats and national security challenges that each country is continually faced with, it is necessary that continued investments are made to improve national and international border security initiatives. Perceptics High Performance Imaging products provide best-in-class features and functionality to include:

  • Guaranteed highly accurate LPR read rates of 99.95% and greater, even from rapidly moving vehicles
  • Ability to read passenger and commercial plates, container code numbers (ISO) and USDOT numbers
  • Identification of state/province and country of origin
  • Flags matches to hot lists (black/white lists)
  • Integrates vehicle and surrounding scene images with driver images and other data