Perceptics Awarded Key Contract By Canadian Government to Install Next Generation LPR's

Perceptics to install Checkpoint License Plate Readers at all passenger vehicle primary inspection lanes providing increased accuracy and high-resolution license plate imaging day and night.

Farragut, Tennessee - Perceptics, LLC announced today that it was awarded on July 15th, 2015, a key contract by the Government of Canada to install Perceptics next generation License Plate Readers (LPR’s) at over 165 Canadian border primary vehicle inspection lanes.  The 2MP Checkpoint License Plate Reader offers a host of technologically advanced features that provide personnel at border checkpoints superior images with 98% license plate read rate accuracy (Character with State/Provincial ID) in all weather conditions.  Perceptics License Plate Readers integrate vehicle and surrounding scene and driver images with other Perceptics products. 

“Winning this contract confirms Perceptics’ dominance in North American border imaging applications.  Perceptics has long provided 95% full license plate read rate accuracy to Border Security agencies.  However, our seventh generation architecture for the Government of Canada takes full license plate read accuracy to a new level of 98%.  We are very thankful for our strong relationships and the confidence that border agencies have in our best-in-class technology and our ability to provide highly accurate and reliable data,” said Perceptics CEO, John Dalton.  “Perceptics’ vehicle identification  technology enables border personnel to do their jobs more efficiently and far more effectively.”  According to Perceptics’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing Paul Bazzano, “Perceptics is honored to have the Government of Canada’s confidence and trust in meeting the goals of their national security project, and is proud to be the sole LPR system provider for passenger vehicle primary inspection lanes at all land border ports of entry in the United States, Canada and at the most critical lanes in Mexico.”  Perceptics will begin testing and implementation with the Government of Canada immediately, with continuation of installation throughout 2016. 

About Perceptics, LLC

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