Our Technology
Engineered for

Accuracy doesn’t mean hitting just any target, it means hitting the target. Perceptics takes precise aim on your goals and commits to a bullseye every time.

When you implement systems that rely on imaging to automate otherwise distracting, error-prone, or inefficient manual processes, you want technology that generates data you can trust and delivers it when and where you need it most. We understand that, and for over 35 years, Perceptics has dedicated its organization to providing image-based data that is so accurate and reliable we offer our customers money-back performance guarantees.

How can we do that? Certainly, many factors influence the accuracy of image reads, including site design and engineering, installation, system tuning, and integration. But two factors set Perceptics LPR solutions apart: our extraordinary imaging capabilities, and our multi-expert OCR engine.

Perception beyond the norm

The Perceptics LPR technology uses multiple techniques that can often help our cameras capture maximum data despite certain license plate imaging challenges that may defeat other systems. Our proprietary process can alter the spectral power distribution of the illumination based on traffic to maximize the contrast between the characters and the background. Even certain efforts to block LPR reads cannot evade our system. Simply put: If the human eye can read it, our imagers can read it. That means you start with more complete data, even before it reaches the OCR engine for interpretation.

Robust, Sophisticated OCR engine

Among the greatest strengths of the Perceptics solution are its OCR brain and the rigorous training it undergoes on a regular basis.

The intelligence of our OCR engine resides not in just one brain but many brains. We pass data through a number of virtual “experts,” each looking at the image from a different perspective. We leverage decision trees, neural networks, along with several other tools, to probe the image for meaningful information. We then poll those experts to determine confidence factors they can all agree on--by character, and by complete plate number--to yield extraordinarily high read accuracy.

Even after our systems are put to work in your operations, they can continue to learn from experiences across the continent. Through our “ground truthing” process, image experts regularly sample and examine plate images and compare them to the OCR results, calibrating and “teaching” the OCR engine to recognize increasingly subtle nuances. New plate types and designs, new fonts, and new configurations of characters all add to our knowledge base, which is made available via software updates to customers who want to have the latest intelligence running in their deployed systems.

Data for the way you do business

Perceptics technology serves as an extra team member that you can rely on to manage time-consuming tasks so others can focus their time and attention on more critical activities. This technology offers synergistic benefits when deployed in an integrated solution.  

  • Guaranteed accuracy gives you the confidence to automate more tasks.
  • Information supplied to other applications expedites related processes.
  • Interfaces to other data systems and technologies combine key data for a broader view.
  • Fine-tuning of specific sites can yield even higher accuracy on the plate types you see most.

See our product and markets pages to learn how a custom-tailored Perceptics system can deliver even more benefits for your operations.