Company Culture

Company Culture

Perception: it not only inspired our name, it defines our spirit. 

We are a collaborative team that serves our customers, employees and our communities by listening, caring and doing our best.

At the heart of the Perceptics philosophy lies perception: the ability to derive information from the senses. While our organization is made up of highly technical business units focused on creating advanced-capability products and services that deliver premium value to well defined niche markets, our attention is always focused outward—on the perceptions and experiences of our customers and our communities.

Through the Customer’s Eyes

Thirty-five years ago, our technology was developed because our founders perceived a need and sought to meet it. Ours was not a predefined solution looking for a home, it was an answer to the customer's question: Can this be done? And for 35 years we have continued to listen and respond to the questions our customers ask. 

Because those we serve expect us to be competitive in both price and value, we deliver extraordinary value...not as we see it, but as it is perceived by our valued customers. Perceptics is committed to fostering long term, trusted customer relationships, measured in decades. To meet that goal, we strive to learn what matters to each customer and what kind of results they want. And we make sure everyone on the Perceptics team is empowered to enable those results. 


We seek to be an employer that attracts world class associates with a teamwork orientation. As a result, we have a dedicated, highly capable team, which is rewarded on results and proud of our contributions to society. We value all our team members’ contributions, and value excellent individual work, teamwork and leadership.

Service Above and Beyond

We believe the goals of all stakeholders can be met simultaneously, and we commit to investment return, employee satisfaction, and community stewardship. Our commitment to stewardship is shown in the Perceptics Foundation, which multiplies the financial and time contributions of our employees by matching contributions threefold.

Built for Growth and Longevity

We seek to invest our considerable resources in growth opportunities, both within the company and through outside acquisition. The purpose of these investments is to develop existing and new business units, and to ensure these new units fit exceedingly well into our culture and values.

Organic and Dynamic

We foster a culture where progress is measured, performance is rewarded, and responsibility is paired with accountability. We encourage open communications and appreciate those who surface issues that need resolution. We focus on solving problems and developing opportunities, not politics.

Perceptics welcomes people of all walks of life, and our environment is one of respect based on timeless principles. We thrive on helping others succeed.