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At Perceptics we believe in our employees, our customers and the values that drive them both. We think it’s a great place to work, building safer communities alongside some of the most dedicated, driven group of people you will ever meet.

We attract world-class associates with a collaborative and cooperative mindset. As a result, we have a dedicated, highly capable team that is rewarded on results and is proud of our contributions to society. We value excellent individual performance, as well as teamwork and leadership.

Our culture is one where progress is measured, performance is rewarded, and accountability goes hand in hand with responsibility. It is a culture of open communications where surfacing issues is appreciated. We solve problems and leverage opportunities; there is no time for politics here.

Perceptics welcomes people of all walks of life, and our environment is one of respect based on timeless principles.

If you are interested in a career opportunity with Perceptics, please tell us something about yourself and send along your resume for our consideration, or email us at We thank you for your interest in Perceptics and wish you the very best of success in all your endeavors.