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Back Office OCR Server
Tolling and Scalable
processing capacity

When you want a brain trust dedicated to your growing revenue collection operations.

The Perceptics 19” rack mount optical character recognition (OCR) server system provides off-lane processing of license plate images in a scalable platform. With a network of parallel processors driven by a rack mounted PC, each server module is fast and highly precise, able to process up to 7.5 million images per month.

Experience the automation benefits of our system’s sophisticated OCR engine that continuously learns from its exposure to the widest variety of plates from across North America. The intelligence of our system resides in not one but many “brains,” or “experts,” each processing the image from a different perspective. These experts provide confidence values per character and per plate, and their combined results ensure an exceptionally high level of accuracy. 


Scalable LPR processing power for even the largest toll system now delivers all the benefits of the industry’s smartest OCR engine, honed to superior performance in the service of U.S. national security across North America for 35 years.

Processes up to 7.5 million images per month per module

Adapts for plate rotation and scale

Benefits + Features

Uses adaptive segmentation to isolate plate number from its background

Multiple “experts”, including neural net, determine confidence values per character as well as for overall plate number

Matches reads to hot lists and sends alerts to other systems 

Recognizes even stylized and foreign fonts; plus plate type, state, province and country of origin

HTTP-based data interface


System Components

Each server module contains:

  • 1U rackmount load balancer PC controller, minimum configuration
    • Windows server 2012 R2
    • Dual power supplies
    • 16 GB RAM
    • 1 TB Raid 0 hard drive
  • 1U rackmount 8-port managed network switch, minimum configuration
    • 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • 2U rackmount 6 AVP parallel, multiprocessor OCR server engine
  • Processing & Storage
    • 6 ARM processors (5 active, 1 backup)
    • 6 parallel processors, each includes:
      • 1 GHz ARM processor
      • Neon coprocessor (SIMD)
      • 1 GB DDR-3 800 MHz memory
      • 16 GB eMMC 4.4 onboard
  • Powerful Advanced Video Processor (AVP) OCR engine
    • Plate number, plus plate type, state, province, country identification 
    • Omni-font expertise
    • Confidence ratings per character and per plate
    • Image files and image watermark/data stamp configurable to your needs


120 to 240VAC, 150W (continuous), 1050W (at peak illuminator charging)

Physical Characteristics

19” server rack mount


-40°F to 149°F (-40°C to 65°C)