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Electronic Toll Collection
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for Vehicle Identification.

North America's most trusted license plate imaging solutions, optimized for toll operations.

The electronic toll collection (ETC) industry has called for significant improvements in license plate recognition (LPR) system performance.

• More complete capture of data from all vehicles

• Reliable, accurate conversion of images to data

• Robust plate imaging that truly minimizes the cost of daily toll collection

Perceptics has been listening. And we read you loud and clear.

Electronic Toll Collection Applications


License Plate Reader: OCR Results from Image Data
▒ Some characters in the images are obscured in the read result to prevent the release of personally identifiable information.
Transaction ID F690581000376C02
State/Province GA
Plate Number BFK601▒
Plate Type 1
Confidence Factor 98 
Timestamp 4/23/2014 14:05:02 

Images captured and data fields provided are configurable to your needs. This table represent a sample of some of the information that our LPRs capture. Contact us for more information.

Our holistic, purpose-built LPR solutions, honed to superior performance in service of America's national security, pays off in toll revenue collection.

Our system's intensive education in the challenges of reading varied plate types across North America now offers a host of benefits in electronic toll collection (ETC):

  • Designed for optimal results with a guaranteed 95%* accuracy rate  (*terms and conditions apply)
  • Reads plates many systems cannot 
  • Recognizes state, province and country of origin; omni-font capable
  • OCR engine uses multiple virtual experts, including neural net, to interpret images
  • Determines confidence per character and per plate for exceptional reliability
  • Ground truthing continuously enhances the system's plate reading expertise
  • Dovetails with any back office system
  • Provides a solid path to national interoperability  

With 35 years' experience in the most demanding environments, Perceptics raises the bar on LPR performance for toll collection. Contact us to learn more about Perceptics and our imaging technologies' impact on tolling.